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Lawn & Garden


Augusta Co-Op has one of the largest lawn and garden selections in the Shenandoah Valley.


Starting in the late winter, the store shelves are stocked with high quality Wetsel seeds.  Customers drive hours just to select seeds from the 

co-op!  Seeds available include:


Bush Beans      Sweet Corn      Lima Beans      Lettuce
Pole Beans       Popcorn           Cole Crops       Peppers
Tomatoes         Squash             Cucumbers      Peas


           plus Onion Sets and Seed Potatoes in the springtime!

Augusta Co-op helps you take care of your lawn too!  We stock both small and large sized bags of our own proprietary blend of Wetsel lawn seeds plus seeds from other major manufacturers.  Plus, Augusta Co-Op stocks other grass seeds used for specialty areas that you want to establish a grass cover on

such as banks, fields, and around ponds.  You can purchase your own blend of lawn seed if you desire.


Seeds don't grow well without nurturing soil and fertilizer.  Augusta Co-Op helps you form your nutrient base with high quality soils such a Black Kow, Baccto, locally grown compost and mulch.  We also stock nearly every kind of Espoma fertilizer product as well as other fertilizer blends such as 10-10-10, 0-46-0, and 3-18-18.  Specialty fertilizer blends are available as well as Scotts lawn fertilizer.  Plus, we'll even load the bags for you! 

As your crops grow throughout the season, Augusta Co-Op offers professional advice on the care of your lawn and garden plants - something you will not get from the chain stores!

Whether it is fungal diseases, insects or weeds causing you trouble, we stock several brands of lawn & garden care products to use in control of lawn and garden pests including:

                        Gardentech        Bonide           Bayer            Espoma            
                                   Monterey             Safer            Scotts 


We have also recently expanded our selection for organic gardening!  These products have the OMRI seal on them.   New products available include Harmony organic fertilizer, Azomite granular micronutrients, and specialty insect control products.   

No gardening project can be completed without functional tools.  Augusta Co-Op stocks a full lineup of tools and wheelbarrows including hard to find specialty tools. 

As you get planting, stop by and visit your local Augusta Co-Op store today!  We are a full-service garden center.

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