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Farm Supply and Hardware

Augusta Co-Op supplies a vast array of items from A to Z.  These items meet the needs of farmers, homeowners, and hobbyists on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for something for your house, barn, field, or shop, we have what you need!  Make your job easier and save time by shopping at your convenient, local Augusta Co-Op store or shop our online catalog!

  Farm Supply Categories  
Animal Health

    - vaccines, dewormers, wound care

Equine Equipment

    - halters, tack, buckets, clippers

Permanent & Electric Fence

    - woven wire, hi tensile, posts, gates

Companion Animal/Pet Supplies

    - dog, cat, rabbit, backyard birds

Farm Equipment

    - feeders, livestock handling, hitch pins

Watering Equipment

    - Miraco, Ritchie, stock tanks, floats

Plants & Seeds

    - forages, corn, soybean, summer annuals

Hay & Silage Covers

     - silage bags, bunker covers, twine


  Major Hardware Categories  

                  - wiring, ground rods, connectors


    - culvert, drainage pipe, pumps

           Hand Tools

                  - hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches


    - specialty barn, roof and fence

           Lawn & Garden

                  - soils & mulches, plant care, plants

Welding Supplies

    - welding gas, safety equipment


Specialty Services offered through our farm supply department include an animal health direct shipment program, fence energizer repairs on electric fence energizers sold by the co-op, and propane filling.




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