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Specialty Services

Augusta Co-Op also offers select services to our customers.  These specialty services are designed to meet the unique needs of our co-op customers in our local service areas.  Feel free to contact us about any of our specialty services listed below.

  Truck Delivery Service  
Augusta Co-Op locations offer truck delivery service in their local areas of bulkier items such as bagged feed, fencing, farm equipment, milk replacers and other items to customers.  These are generally items that are too big to be shipped by UPS.  This service is available to customers that either live within a 50 mile radius of a store or that live in a designated delivery zone.  Each store location has their own delivery schedule and routes that they run.  Contact your local store location for more information.

  Animal Health Direct Shipment  
In addition to Augusta Co-Op's extensive selection of animal health items stocked in the stores everyday, we can have all major brands of animal health items shipped to you within 48 hours.  Our prices are competitive with other national catalogs.  Plan your animal health needs and SAVE time and money.  Shop our online catalog for your animal health needs right in the convenience of your own home!

  Fence Energizer Repairs  
Many of our customers rely on electric fencing to help contain their livestock.  When your fence energizer goes down, you need repairs done quickly!  Augusta Co-Op has trained technicians to service the brands of energizers that we sell including Gallagher, Parmak and Patriot.  Our fence energizer repair facility is located at the Staunton small engine shop.  Please contact the small engine shop at (540)885-1265 ext 223 for more information on this service.

  Propane Filling  





Augusta Co-Op Propane Tank Filling Staunton Scottsville Fairfield

Augusta Co-op offers propane filling at several locations. 


Bring your propane cylinder to the store during normal business hours, and we'll fill it up for you. We fill those smaller 20 lb, 60 lb, and 100 lb propane cylinders around your house, camp or farm.


An even better yet - you save money too!


   - More economical than cylinder exchange services found at other retail


   - Keep using the propane cylinders you already have

   - Save on service charges on those smaller sized tanks

  - Allows you to fill cylinders as needed

   - Gives you the ability to transport cylinders to different working locations

      around a farm or business


Stop by the Staunton, Fairfield or Scottsville store and take advantage of this service for you!

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