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Animal Nutritional Services

Augusta Co-Op offers comprehensive nutritional services to our farms.  In addition to our own branded feeds that we manufacture, we also stock feeds from other manufacturers.  However, many of our customers still have specific nutritional needs, especially in the dairy industry.  That's why we manufacture custom feed blends using the latest ingredients and ration balancing software.


Our nutritionists undergo continuing educational training from Virginia Tech, Cornell and our key suppliers to provide cutting edge nutrition to your flock or herd. 


  Other Feed Mill Services  
Bulk Commodities
We can source large loads/trailer loads of commodity ingredients such as grains, soybean meal, soyhulls, wheat midds, and cottonseed hulls for your farm.  Other commodities may be available - call with your needs.
Forage Sample Analysis
The basis of any forage is knowing the nutrient content of the forages.  Our agreement with Cumberland Valley Labs allows for rapid analysis of your forage samples - usually within 24 to 48 hours.
Further Grain Processing
Our feed mill has steam crimping, grinding, and pelleting equipment to allow grains to be blended into different feed forms for added energy digestibility and ration flexibility.
Grain Banking Program
This program allows our customers to store extra grain harvested during the crop season for further processing and blending back into a feed ration for the herd.

  Nutritional Services Staff  
Name Services Email Ext.
Daniel Phillips Ingredient Sourcing/Commodities 227
Allison Miller Ration Formulation/Nutrient Analysis 244


When calling the main Staunton office at (540)885-1265, you may enter the phone extension of the person you wish to reach and you will be directly transferred to that office.

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